Heart jewelry box Tutorial

My grandma made this for Ma years ago. There are actually two, but I don’t know where the larger one is and this was a good size, so I decided to make one like it. Ma’s is on the right, the one I made is on the left.


I gave it to Bessie for Christmas. It was really easy to make so I decided to do a tutorial. the only sewing skills you need to have are sewing a straight line.

You will need a Hot glue gun

Cardboard (I used the thick kind, like mailing boxes, not cereal boxes)

Less than a half yard of fabric (I used leftovers from Bessie’s dress)

Lace, ribbon

Scissors or exacto knife

The lace I used


To draw the heart template (you can use any shape you like) on the cardboard draw two overlapping circles and then draw a straight line down the middle and draw the two sides (see picture)


Cut two


Cut four of fabric ADDING 1/4 to 1/2 in. Seam allowance all the way around.


Measure around the outline and cut a pice of cardboard about an inch longer and 2 1/2 inches wide. Cut a piece of fabric twice as long and twice as wide, adding 1/2 inch seam allowance to all sides.


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew the long side only.


Turn right side out and press with seam in the middle


Cut slits halfway down and halfway up (one on each side) of the cardboard



Slide cardboard into fabric until the fabric is all gathered in the middle



 Bring the ends of the fabric together and attach by sliding the cardboard through the slits and taping.


 Slide the fabric to cover all the cardboard and overlap slightly. Adjust gathers.



 Set aside. On two of the heart shaped pieces of fabric, clip curves and snip at the center (see picture) staying in the seam allowance.


 Press seam allowance to wrong side


 On the other two hearts, only clip the center


 With these last two pieces, lay one with the wrong side facing up. With one cardboard heart in the center. Begin folding up and gluing carefully, only using the seam allowance. Leave one section open. Repeat for the second cardboard heart except don’t leave any open.


Fill the one with the opening with some stuffing.


Close the opening with glue


Glue one end of lace or ribbon  to the underside of the heart and bring it around the front and glue the other end at the back as well.




Glue lace around the edge on the back (ignore the heart backing I forgot to put the lace on before the backing :P


Glue the backing on repeat on other heart

 Glue the long gathered strip to the bottom heart



Take a few stitches between the side and the top heart


Add a bow and that’s all :) enjoy your beautiful jewelry box.





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