Pas birthday

To say I have neglected my blog is an understatement. I have been working on knitting a sweater, which I have finished but have only one picture so far. I will get to that later though, in the meantime, pa had a birthday. At the end of August. He told me he wanted a kindle case, and I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s very hard to think of things to make for men, or boys to old to play with toys. So his opinion was highly appreciated.


So I made him his kindle case and he loves it! He has showed it off several times :) in the meantime, being in the tablet case making mood, I had the idea to make this for my iPad mini

This one does not have a front pocket like pas, but since it’s in a notebook, I wouldn’t be able to fit much in one without it bulging. I didn’t have any Velcro at the time so I used buttons, but I’m going to replace them with Velcro sometime soon.
Now, the sweater I made, is called the braid hills cardigan, after the braid hills in Scotland. I will probably get more pictures soon and post them, but Sarah took the pictures with her brand new camera and said she didn’t like them and will take more.
A picture of the swatch with the cable design

Also, Laura bought me these glass buttons for it

Laura also made a sweater using the same pattern



I have one more thing to share and that will be all for this post. I have a lot more, but don’t want to give you project overload or anything ;) some of the things I’ve been making lately are for Christmas so I won’t be posting about those until afterwards.



I made this for my sewing machine Laura bought me.
The picture is sunbonnet Sue and I copied it from the internet and hand sewed each piece on after ironing it down with interfacing. I also blanket stitched all around the bottom edge and around the picture.
That’s all for now, with this picture being the last. My braid hills cardigan

The only picture Sarah liked :)

Psalm 37:1
Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.


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