Inspiration and friendship bracelets

Sarah's was the first and has a few distorted hearts, but it's still pretty

Sarah’s was the first and has a few distorted hearts, but it’s still pretty

I saw a tutorial for making friendship bracelets online the other day and decided to try. At first it was frustrating, trying to sort all my threads out, but I got it and made three already and Hannah wants one too so I’ll probably make her one soon. I wish I had saved the link so I could post it here, but I didn’t. It can’t be hard to find though, since I only found it by mistake :) the first one had several distorted hearts, but once I had done that one, I was able to make the others without any mistakes. It’s really easy once you learn


Also, I’ve found a few dresses that I really like that I would like to make at some point.image
This last is Sarah’s favorite, though I think the first is my favorite. I like the collar.
And this dress is worn in the movie Secretariat by the horses owner. I haven’t watched the movie but the dress is pretty and with some sleeves it would be even better. Maybe a sash too, I’m not sure yet.
And today is James birthday! Happy birthday James! I already gave him his present early because I couldn’t keep it from him that long. When he first got it that day, he was spinning and running around yelling ‘It’s Awesome!!’ Over and over. He is just too precious. <3

And new in my Etsy shop are three things I made,
I needed somewhere to keep my business cards
Here is the link
Ereader slip case! Here’s the link, check it out
And an eyeglasses case! Here’s the link
If you buy all three together you save $11! Use the same link as the eyeglasses holder.
Btw, the fabric I used is not the fabric I will use on the orders unless you request that, you can pick a solid color or send me a link to your favorite cotton/cotton blends fabric. Go to or for some great fabric choices.

While I live will I praise The Lord: I will sing praises unto my God. Psalm 146:2


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