Sewing projects

I’ve been sewing a lot more things lately it seems. It started with making those four dresses for the little girls and then I have gotten a lot of things made since, some knitted, some sewn. But here they are.
Rebecca and I were working on making Ma a purse for her birthday, but it didn’t get done in time because we needed a zipper for it. William took us to Joann’s and I bought zipper, pattern (on sale for $1) and 6 yards of white fabric. I needed the white for the dress, and I use white for many other things so I got some extra for those miscellaneous projects. Sarah wanted a 1940s dress. And it being the first time of making one, and not having a pattern, we went safe and she bought 5 yards of red fabric with white polka dots. I now know hat you do not nearly need five yards. It took three for the dress (though next time I would make the skirt a little longer) and a little extra for the handkerchief for her head. As payment for my work, she gave me the rest of the fabric. Anyway, here are the pictures of all I’ve been doing.






This came from this book, I’m not sure who I’ll give this to yet. It will probably be for a birthday.





Using this pattern

I did view B but put the short sleeves on it. I had some trouble with it near the end, but it was late at night (12:30) and when I tried again in the morning I got it. At the back, it says to tie it at the neckline and waist with a drawstring. What?!? I knew it would gap horribly. That would never do right. I was right, so I added buttons and for the gathers at the front, I put in the drawstring like it said, adjusted it and sewed it down and cut off the ends. What were they thinking I wonder?
Anyway, I still like the pattern. A lot. So I made another. But I haven’t got pictures yet. It’s a burgundy color with tiny black flower and leaf prints. I love burgundy.






This is the purse Rebecca and I made for Ma. Also I made Ma a pair of socks, but I have no picture. Also for Williams birthday, I made him socks and so did Laura, so he ought to have warm feet :)

The flowers were a birthday present for Ma from Sarah.




After making the dresses for the little girls, James wanted a nightgown, so I told him that those were for girls but I would make him a night robe. He didn’t leave me alone after that. I was constantly asked if I was about done. I had to make the pattern and I think it turned out quite good. He certainly loves it.


Two dishcloths that I knitted. Though I think they’re cute enough for decoration more than use. I’ll probably give them away on a birthday or something.

Sarah’s birthday present came early. We had fun taking pictures. I think she had the most fun, along with our dear little photo bomber

Sarah really liked this dress
So I made a pattern and sat there for about an hour working up the nerve to cut her fabric with a pattern that I had made. I was worried it wasn’t right somehow and I wouldn’t know it until it was too late. But thankfully it came out great, and if I did need to cut out another piece again to fix it, I had 2 extra yards to work with. I used a 14 inch invisible zipper on the side seam and put the pleats on the shoulder as in the picture and made a belt to go with it. Then we took lots of pictures. And he next day did hairstyles. Maybe well do it again and get more pictures.


The dress I’m wearing is the one I blogged about a while back that is made to look like the dress the mother wears in the Waltons tv show. There’s another with a longer skirt and different fabric, but no pictures.





Shoulder pleats.















Wow. That’s a long post and a lot of pictures. Oh well, that’s what I’ve been up to.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Proverbs 4:7

7 thoughts on “Sewing projects

    • Time? My chores are to arrange pas route, cleaning our bedroom and helping with the supper dishes. I sew stuff that Ma needs and that’s all. I get to sew and it is helpful to Ma because everyone gets new clothes. By the way, did you know I’m out of school? That helps too :)

  1. Sarah, your dress and your headcovering is perfect on you, except I think the top can be tighter!! I love the matching red, and red’s your favorite color, right? That picture smelling the rose was amazing, and made me smile because it looked so professional-ish!

    Emma, you go on Mode-le-lis too?? I LOVE THAT BLOG. It’s probably my favorite sewing blog ever. Your dress fits your form so nicely, too! I love the dresses you made. :)

    • Thanks Megan. Yes I do go on mode-de-lis. I really like some of the dresses she makes. Ma was showing me one the other day and said she would like to have it, maybe someday I will make her one.

    • Thanks Megan!! :) I didn’t see your reply until today…but anyways, thank you! :) Red is definitely my favorite color :)
      By the way, when you showed me the mode de lis blog, I showed it to Emma :D

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