Sheet nightgown or dress tutorial

This can be used as a dress or a nightgown, whichever you prefer and could probably be done with a pillowcase, though you might need two for it. Anyways, here it is.



Alright, you need a sheet, and a pattern with a simple bodice that opens at the back. You will only be using the front and back bodice pattern pieces.

Notice the double lines near the bottom, those aren’t on all pattern pieces, but they’re useful. I wanted a high waist on these dresses, so I folded it up on these lines, if your pattern doesn’t have them, just measure and fold up, leaving it at least 2 1/2 inches below the bottom of the armhole.
Also, this pattern says cut 1 on fold. This being a lined dress, you will need to cut two on the fold for the front, and 4 not on the fold for the back. For the skirt I cut the width of the sheet and made it as long as I wanted it to be, plus one inch. Depending on the size of the child you may not want such a wide skirt. For Faith (2yrs) I only used half the width and that worked great. Also, for the ruffle around the armhole, you will have to make the pattern piece, but it’s really simple.
I made Rebecca’s 16 1/2 in. long and 3 1/2 in. wide. For Hannah’s I made it a little longer and wider and for Faiths a little narrower, but that’s about as big as you will need. It should be shaped like this and you will need four. It’s really easy so if you aren’t sure try with paper first, but don’t give up for lack of one piece :)

These are the only pieces you will need except for a rectangle 1 1/2 inch wide and six inches long for the button loop.
Now if you’ve got all your pieces cut out and folded neatly and ready to sew.

With right sides together, sew two of the ruffles together on the curved edge. Do not stitch the straight edge. Clip triangles around curves to make it lay flat once it’s turned right side out.

Turn right side out and press.

Using a long basting/gathering stitch, stitch straight edge. Repeat for the other ruffle. Set both aside.

With right sides together, sew shoulder seams of front and back bodice. Repeat for lining.

Press seams open.

Find the center of the ruffle and pin to the shoulder seam as shown.

Gather and pin as shown.

Stitch. Fold down the top and pin as shown. This will keep it from getting caught in the neckline seam.
Repeat for the other ruffle.

Pin bodice to lining around neck and back opening edges. Do not stitch yet. Set aside.

Get your button loop piece.

Fold the two long edges in to the center and press.

Fold in half and press.


Unpin and open back opening edge on the left back bodice. Pin 3 inch long loop as shown. If you have two, put he other n about the centre. Lay the back bodice pieces together again and repin.

Stitch around neck edge and clip corners and curves.

Right sides together, pin armhole and stitch. Do not sew the bottom shut!

Clip corners and curves.

Reach through the front bodice and pull the back bodice pieces through. You can now take the pun out of the ruffle.


Right sides together, sew side seams.

With right sides together, sew back seam in skirt leaving two inches open at the top. If you have cut two pieces for the skirt, sew the side seams.

Open seams on back skirt seam and stitch. See picture below.


Sew a gathering stitch all around the top edge of skirt, starting and stopping an inch away from back opening.

Using a basting stitch, stitch lining to bodice on the bottom edge.

With the skirt inside out and the bodice right side out, put the bodice inside the skirt with lower edges of bodice meeting upper edge of skirt. Matching centers and opening edges, pin, gathering skirt to fit. Stitch and zig zag.

Add a button on the back. If you are using a sheet, you don’t need to hem it, but if not, turn up the hem 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch and stitch. Then it is done and you have an adorable dress.

As always, feel free to comment if you have a question, and I would love to see pictures of any you make. Happy sewing!






It’s hard not to take a hundred pictures :)

Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: Proverbs 2:11


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