Olustee 2014

William took Laura, Sarah, Hannah and me to the Olustee reenactment the Saturday before last Saturday.

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Newest update

It’s been a while since I last posted. We’ve all been sick, and getting over that. For the first few days afterwards, I didn’t feel like sewing or anything, but now, after working up the energy I now have two new dresses that it desperately needed. I don’t have pictures, but I really like them. If you’ve ever seen the waltons show, you can look at the mother for an idea of what my dress looks like. Also I made a vest and headband for Sarah, and knitted another pair of socks. Several of us went to a reenacting friends house to fix a bunch of reenactment clothes, so I’ve been kind of busy. But I had time to put together the puzzle william bought for my birthday. It’s really nice. I now have lots of decoration in my sewing room. If I could finish organizing all my fabric, it would look really good. This is a kind of short post, but hopefully I’ll update again soon with something more interesting.

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