Fair isle color work and civil war ball gowns

Laura finished the sweater she was working on and gave it to me :) but the pictures are of her wearing it. The design is called fair isle color work if I’m not mistaken


We didn’t get to go to the Brooksville reenactment after all, but I did get the dresses done, so if we had gone, we could have worn them. We took pictures anyways.
My dress was made from a painting that I found a while back. I had to make the pattern for it and it used almost exactly six yards of fabric. It needs to be ironed, but other than that, I’m pretty happy with it.



And for Laura’s dress, she gave me a picture and picked out the fabric. Being the designer, and with her at work so she couldn’t tell me no, I changed it to my liking :)
First, the picture she sent me

And three days later, just in time for brooksville, even though we didn’t go :(


James killing a dead ant that I knocked off of his back.he kept getting in the pictures. So finally I said, ‘alright, let’s get a Laura and Jimbo picture.’ And then of course he wouldn’t.





For the bodice, I made the sleeves shorter and wider and made unattached under sleeves. There is elastic in the tops of them. I had a lot of fun with this dress. It’s lined, with no seams at all showing on the inside, wich required a lot of handsewing. You can’t see any stitching except for the handsewn buttonholes. And on the skirt, the only visible stitching is on the ruffle. So there you are, my work of about a week and a half and I think Laura took about two weeks to make the sweater. Laura sold some socks she made at the reenactment with William as the one to deliver them :)

Praise The Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works. Psalm 107:8


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