Pa and Williams Christmas presents and my birthday

I made robes for pa and William for Christmas


Pas robe is the same color as Williams pocket. I cut two pockets out of the green, and since I only needed one, I put the other on Williams.
Yesterday was my birthday and Ma fried the chicken and kicked me out of my sewing room. I knitted. Anyways, this is what came back out of the sewing room with her when she was done.

She saw the shelf in my sewing room and that it was a doll, basket and other pretty decorations display, so she added to it yesterday. And…

A house. With a little weight? At first I didn’t understand. But Ma’s creative mind has done it again,

Retractable measuring tape! How ingenious! I don’t think I would have ever thought of that! You press the door and that’s where the button is to retract it. Isn’t it great? Not only a beautiful sweet decoration, but useful too.
From everyone else, I got candy. And another puzzle to go with the first one. Hopefully I won’t lose any of these pieces. When I finish, I might post pictures. I also knitted socks. Thanks to Laura for bearing with me when I got frustrated because I didn’t understand.

Here’s he link to the pattern
Laura has made four pairs already. I bought yarn to make red ones and grey ones. It would be neat if I could sell them at the next reenactment I go to. Which, speaking of reenactments, I almost have this dress finished and hope to where it this weekend to brooksville.

And Laura wants me to make a dress like this for her

Laura is also knitting her first sweater. It’s beautiful. I think she did something called fair isle, which is like knitting a design with contrasting color of yarn. I will post pictures when it’s done. But, I have one whole dress to make, and one to finish before the weekend, so I should stop writing now. Here is a last picture. The astounding number of one inch wide pleats necessary for a four yard wide skirt

And James



2 thoughts on “Pa and Williams Christmas presents and my birthday

  1. Oooo I love that dress you’re going to make for Laura!! :) I think ma’s idea was ingenious, too :D Um, is Brooksville THIS weekend or next? And when is Olustee? Anyways, happy after Birthday ;) :D Love you lots…and can hardly believe du bis siebzehn!! :O

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