Sarah, Hannah, Felicity and Rebecca’s presents

For Rebecca, she got puppets (the pattern can be found at this address for free ) and a dress.





The dress pattern came from a book that William bought for me a few months ago. I really love that book and I think I can apply the techniques to so many other patterns

Felicitys dress was made using a pattern from the same book.

Sarah and I bought a pattern from Walmart and I used it to make her and Hannah a dress. Hannah’s was easy but Sarah’s took alterations to make it bigger and open in the front rather than the back. Thankfully it worked out great. I love it so much I think I’ll make myself one some day.

On Hannah’s dress, I added the lace on the sleeves and at the hem, at all the seams, I gathered the ruffle up and put pink lace and put a little bow. I think it just looks great :)






Rebecca’s dress has ric rac flowers on the tie at the front, with ric rac leaves. And at the ends of the ties are more. And around the neckline are flower beads. I love the wrap around style of this dress. I hope to make more dresses using this book and I highly recommend it. Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Sarah, Hannah, Felicity and Rebecca’s presents

  1. Emma, you’re amazing. I love the dress that you made for Sarah and Hannah and the girls. And those quilt books…well, I think I need to look at the pictures again! They’re soo cool, and look so professional from a store!

    Now, someday, when I come down to FL, you got to teach me how to sew. ;)

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