Raggedy Anne apron tutorial

Hem on all edges the apron piece. It’s the largest piece you’ll have.

Fold the long edges of the apron trim in 1/4 in. Pin onto apron about 1/2 inch up or wherever you want it. Sew it on.



Set your machine to a long basting/gathering stitch. I gathered by hand which is just a running stitch like was used around the sleeves and the bloomers.

About 1/2 in. down, gather across the length. Pull up the gathers a little. You will adjust them later.
Ok, to weird but it looks like I forgot to write down for you to cut out a piece for the apron. Ok, this will go around the dolls chest and so measure that and then about an inch wide. Add a half inch to the length so you can fold it in. Understand? Ok, fold the long edges in and press fold the short edges in and press. It should be about a half inch wide. You can make it narrower by pressing down slightly more than 1/4 inch on the length if you want.

Pin it on about a half inch from the top. Pull gathering stitches to fit and make sure they are covered by the band. Do not stitch yet unless you like seam ripping :)

How did I completely forget pieces?? Anyways, you’ll have to but out the shoulder bands. Those should be about 1 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches long. You’ll need two of them. Anyways, fold right sides together and sew across the length. Leave the two ends open. Turn right side out. Press.



Put the apron on the doll with the backs meeting or nearly meeting in center back. Pun the shoulder bands between the pinned band from before in the front and back. Understand?? Sew it down.

Hem the apron ties on all but one short edge and fold that edge to fit behind the apron band and stitch. Repeat for the other on the other side. And that’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, please comment. Have fun :)





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