Kindergarten, and raggedy Anne tutorial

Rebecca started her kindergarten book yesterday, and I’m her teacher :)


We think this is supposed to be a caterpillar crawling off of something.

We did it in my sewing room and she loved it.
Also, I made a new dress for myself. I have seen this video several times and just love their clothes, so I made one for me.
I took a screen shot of it and used that for almost all the sewing since i didn’t have a pattern.

And now, my version of it

I plan to get some more pictures soon :)
And now for the tutorial for the raggedy Anne doll.

On the doll body, use a pencil or fabric marker that will wash out to trace the face onto the fabric and either embroider or use fabric paint to do the face.

With right sides together, lay the two body pieces together and sew from the shoulder around the head to the other shoulder. (See picture)

Cut little triangles out around the curve.

Keep the body inside out. On the body pattern piece, there are markings for the arms placement. Put the arm between the two body pieces. With the arm on the inside and the seam even with the body sides. (See picture) stitch. I stitched all the way down but I think it would be easier to put the other arm on if you only stitch the arm down, then put the other arm on and then stitch the sides shut. Do NOT sew the bottom closed!

Turn right side out and stuff.

Fold the bottom edges inside 1/4 inch so that there are no seam showing. Press. Put the legs about 1/2 inch in and stitch about 1/8 inch from the edge.

Take one of the hair pieces and tie it so there is a knot in the middle.

On the side of the head use a hot glue gun and glue it on.

Go up and slightly back and glue another piece of hair on. Only glue it under the knot, don’t glue the rest down.

Alternate with a little behind and a little forward until all there’s enough hair. I used ten pieces. You don’t put hair on the back.


Get the hair bow. Fold it in half so the right sides are together. Sew the wide end in a slant (see picture) and the down the about 2 and a half inches. Then, cut the thread and repeat for the other side. There should be a gap of about an inch.

20130821-222327.jpg trim until there is a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Trim the corners off.

Turn right side out and press.

Fold in half and fold just ever so slightly up the lower edge (see picture) and sew the width at halfway

Open it up so it looks like this.

Now get that really tiny hair bow tie (if you haven’t lost it. If you have, cut another) fold the long edges in to the center and press.

Bring it around the bow and pull snug so that it kind of puckers as seen in picture.

Hand sew at the back and go through the back of the bow so that it won’t come off but doesn’t show in the front.

Cut off the excess, leaving about 1/4 inch.

Glue it in her hair.
The doll is done!! All that is needed now is the clothes. I would love to see pictures if you make one, and I’ll be glad to answer any questions. Have fun!


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