Patterns for raggedy Anne doll

Ok, sorry it took so long. These are photos because it turns out the scanner is missing something. But I checked them and the measurements are accurate. So just put in black and white and make sure it prints out the right size. (See last post for sizing, except I added a vertical ruler that has to be correct also). Here are the pattern pieces. Cut them out and pin them onto the fabric and cut that out to.




Ok, these are the measurements for the pieces that I did not make patterns for. They are just rectangles and the measurements are length by width. Cut them out to. Make sure all sides are the right length before you cut them out. For the apron piece (first measurement) cut 1. Ties, cut 2. Hair, 10-12. Hair bow, 1. Hair bow tie, 1. Apron trim, 1.


Hope that helps and I’ll post more later :D


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