Raggedy Anne doll tutorial

Ok. I finished it all :D I’m also going to give it to Faith since its her birthday.here are the pictures

On the left is the one that Ma’s Ma made. On the right is the one I made.

And there it is by itself.

Anyways. I’m going to get the patterns scanned and onto here. But I wanted to show you a little about them first.

When you print them up, you’ll see this little ruler. It measures exactly two inches on the original paper. When you print them, measure and make sure all copies have that ruler two inches long.

On a pattern piece, some of them will have these little arrows. If it say fold, that means the fabric should be folded in half and the section that shows the arrow should be against it. If it does not say fold but the arrows are there, check for any other notes such as ‘leave open for arms’. When pinning pattern pieces, make sure they are all laying smoothly as possible. Cut carefully along the edge. Check how many pieces you are supposed to cut out. Some, two, some four and some one. For this doll, I ended up cutting about twice as much as necessary, but I have it all worked out now. So I will probably post tomorrow or later today. So my suggestion until then is gather your fabric and make sure you have stuffing. You don’t really need that much fabric. I used scraps from other projects and for the hair, I bought 1/8 yd from the store and had enough left over to make about fifteen dolls hair :D so pick out the fabric you like and if it isn’t enough, pick out some more. You’ll also need white or off white embroidery floss, tan and/or brown, pink or red and some fitting color for her nose.


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