Music workshop

From Monday through Friday morning, Sarah, Hannah, and I were at one of our church’s activity things called music workshop. Hannah went to learn to play recorder and be in the children’s choir. Sarah and I were helping with all the little children. It was in Georgia and really pretty




Sarah’s playing the recorder quite well. She got it about a week ago and can play out of the hymn book now.


Pictures don’t prove anything, it’s just to show the recorder. Take my word for it. She can. Very well.


Hannah practicing for children’s choir.


And when we had time, we’d swing and take pictures




It took Ma, Sarah, Hannah two people from our church and me, hours to cut out and prepare all the crafts for all the little ones, but they loved them :)

Anyways, there was a concert of hymns called the sacred concert on Thursday evening. And also, one elderly lady fell and had to go to the hospital. She’s out now but if you would, please pray for her. Other than that scare, everything went as smoothly as expected, and we had a pretty good time. The funny thing was that when everyone watched veggie tales and we didn’t, they asked why we hadn’t and we said we weren’t allowed to, one girl exclaimed “how is that even possible??” But even if we were allowed, I wouldn’t because veggie tales is stupid. Anyways, we got home Friday morning and I’m glad we’re back :D I think that’s all for now, so maybe I’ll post again in a few days.



One thought on “Music workshop

  1. Wow – that’s alot of bunk beds! And wait, I thought Sarah wore the head-covering?? I mean she wears it outside too, right? Tell Sarah I love her blouse and skirt!!

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