Mother’s Day!

To all mothers and grandmothers, including my own, Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry this is a day late and that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been pretty busy lately. I haven’t even done much sewing :( but I have helped my sister, Sarah make a pattern and begin sewing for a dress styled after the Amish clothing. She has been reading about them and likes there clothes. I will post pictures when we’re done. I think I also figured out how to fix the neckline for one of the dresses I made. It wasn’t quite right and I’ve been looking at it lately and I’m pretty sure I can fix it :) I also have to make a confederate reenactment coat for someone, so I better get busy :D anyways, back to Mother’s Day. I hope all of y’all have had a great Mother’s Day. Ma got some beautiful roses from Pa and so did Granny.


Also the church had all the men come up and sing a song mostly for the mothers. Victory in Jesus. That is definitely one of my favorite songs. And with all those men singing it it was beautiful.


Pa took Ma out to eat last night for Mother’s Day and they had a really nice time. I hope y’all all had as nice a Mother’s Day as we did. I’ll try to post again soon :)


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day!

  1. …But I do enjoy their blog alot and they are lovely Christian ladies and I love how they dress! :)

    • I looked at the post. I’ll try to do that sometime, though I’ll probably just use fabric instead because I don’t have lace fabric :)

  2. Cape dresses are just dresses with another piece of cloth over the bodice and the back…. :) Just thought you’d like to know in case you haven’t seen one before. Are you doing an Amish cape dress or a Mennonite one? And can you post pictures of the head-covering you are making for Sarah – from the tutorial I gave you? What is the fabric of it? You know, has great coverings for the lowest price around. A few ladies in my church buy it from there.

    • Yeah I know, I’ve got lots of pictures to look at, and Sarah brought a dress home from the thrift store to help me. She said she thinks it might be Mennonite but its very similar. It’s an Amish cape dress. I don’t think you gave me a tutorial, when was that? I have been making them with a pattern that I made that is similar to what we used to use. I’ll try to post pictures if you want.

      • Sarah said that you two are making a covering with the tutorial I gave you. Here it is.

        There is a headcovering pattern as well…which I have already printed out awhile back. I’m not so sure why these girls wear the veil and dresses; they’re not Mennonite…or not that I know of, because they support some things that Mennonites especially do not support.

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