Sewing lessons! Lesson one- Threading the machine.

Hey y’all! I have decided to put sewing lessons up here. I mean after all what good are tutorials if you can’t sew, right?? So anyways, here’s the first. I hope you have a sewing machine, but if not and you plan to do it by hand, I can do a tutorial. I’ve only sewn one dress by hand, and that was for my one year old sister :) so anyways, here goes. Your machine may be different but its basically the same. I’ve used four different machines and they’re quite similar. You should be able to find more exact directions in your manual. If you still have it :)
Anyways! Here you go. Lesson one-threading the sewing machine, bobbin and filling the bobbin spool :) enjoy. Please comment with questions or anything else :D


First, a picture of my beautiful sewing machine, given by a lady in our church, decorated by one of my little sisters (Rebecca, the one with the dark hair, age four :)

This is of course, where you set the stitch. There is straight stitch (duh) and zig-zag and blind hem, and decorative stitches. ‘A’ is the straight stitch, the one I use most. And ‘c’ is the zig-zag which I use a lot too. Oh! And don’t forget the button hole setting unless you want to handsew them. I do that a lot. I think they look very pretty.


This is the bobbin compartment, opened up and taken out with the bobbin spool there on the right. You gotta learn to thread it or you won’t get anywhere. I remember when I was learning to sew, that was one of the last things I learned almost. It. Was. A. Pain. Trust me. Oh! And don’t forget the needle up there above it all. You’ll find that that’s a very important part to sewing.


Tension. If your thread is to loose or too tight, you’re gonna get tangled thread and mess ups like that.


This is where the spool of thread goes. And the length of the stitch. For me, it’s ‘2’ for a normal stitch, ‘4’ for a basting stitch and between the ‘1’ and ‘0’ for buttonholes. And that to the right is where the bobbin spool goes when you’re filling it up with thread :)


Top knob thing, when you turn it, the needle goes up and down. Also when you press the foot pedal, it turns. The bottom knob, that sets the stitches. (Refer to picture 2) and then the switch turns it on and off. There should be a light above the needle when it’s on, unless the bulb is dead. Ok, enough of that. You can learn that from the manual, right? Well, you can also learn to thread it, but I know it didn’t help me when I was learning, so hopefully this will help y’all :D

Filling the bobbin with thread!

First, put you spool on the machine and bring out the thread some


Most machines have directions printed on them. For this, follow the dotted lines for the bobbin.

Thread the thread through the hole in the top of the bobbin.


Put the bobbin on the little peg and push it to the right. Step on the gas pedal and fill it up :) you may have to guide it with your hand to fill it evenly. When its done, push the peg to the left and take the bobbin off. Cut the thread and you’re ready to roll. I’m putting the rest in another post so this doesn’t lock up or anything :D that would really burn my biscuits :)


One thought on “Sewing lessons! Lesson one- Threading the machine.

  1. So clear and helpful. :) It’s a great review since my friend showed me some already. Keep posting – I love learning!

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