Lesson 1 part two

Hey y’all! I’ve got the rest of lesson one ready now! If you didn’t see my last post, it is recommended that you read that first. This is for threading the machine and bobbin. Lets get started!


Open your bobbin compartment and take out the bobbin holder thing (sorry I don’t know exactly what it’s called) make sure you have your Bobbin with you and that it’s got thread on it.


Hold the bobbin so that the thread falls clockwise (on the right)


Pick up the bobbin holder and put the bobbin in, still in the same direction as previous.


Pull the thread towards you and to the right, so it goes between those pieces of metal :)


There’s a little thing on the front of the bobbin holder that you pull and its like a little handle. Or, fingerle since its for your finger. But that’s not a word :D so pull that and put it with that little peg thing upwards into the bobbin compartment so the peg fits in the gap made for it. Make sure the needle is all the way up or it won’t work!!!

Threading the machine, because the needle has to be threaded to get the bobbin thread up through the feed dogs (those are the little things under the needle and go back and forth, up and down, constantly while the needle is going so that the fabric will go forward with very little effort on your part.


From the spool on the top, take the thread and put it between that little holder like thing. Grrr, what do you call it? Look at the picture. Put it through that and down in that big gap right there on the left.


Under that little doohickey thing. And up.


And from right to left, throughout that hook and down.


Look! Another hook to put it through! Don’t you love those things? Then thread it through the needle from front to back.

Now to raise that bobbin thread.


Holding only the thread from the needle, turn the wheel on the side of the machine toward you, to lower the needle and then raise it. Pull the thread in your hand up until you see another thread come up through the feed dogs in a little loop. Slip some small scissors (for me I used the ones I use for cutting thread) through the loop and pull toward you until one of the ends comes loose out of the machine. The other end stays in there until the bobbin runs out and you have to do this whole thing all over. But it’s not really that hard once you learn. So set it up and see if you can do it! Please comment if you have a question. Thanks for reading and have fun!
Wait. Did I just say fun? Was this supposed to be fun? Threading a machine? Ok. Anyway, it will get better, don’t worry. You’ll be making pretty stuff before you know it :D


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