All moved in :)

We just bought a house and moved in :D its really nice and big. We have a fireplace too and I have my own sewing room! I spent some time today organizing it all and I’m almost done (just taking a break to eat and write this.) sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy cleaning the new house and moving out of the other. I plan to do another lesson soon, like today or tomorrow :p so sorry it’s been so long. Anyways, I hope y’all have a great day and I’m going now to drag Another box of fabric to my sewing room. How many boxes do I have anyways? It’s funny because I didn’t have any boxes of mine to move because all my clothes are in a drawer or hanging up and I don’t have enough toys to fill a box, so instead, I made up for it by having at least ten boxes of sewing things. Btw, I got this really nice sewing machine case for Christmas from a lady at church. It’s got an extending handle and wheels. That came in real handy the other day :) well, so long, TTFN :)

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Mother’s Day!

To all mothers and grandmothers, including my own, Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry this is a day late and that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been pretty busy lately. I haven’t even done much sewing :( but I have helped my sister, Sarah make a pattern and begin sewing for a dress styled after the Amish clothing. She has been reading about them and likes there clothes. I will post pictures when we’re done. I think I also figured out how to fix the neckline for one of the dresses I made. It wasn’t quite right and I’ve been looking at it lately and I’m pretty sure I can fix it :) I also have to make a confederate reenactment coat for someone, so I better get busy :D anyways, back to Mother’s Day. I hope all of y’all have had a great Mother’s Day. Ma got some beautiful roses from Pa and so did Granny.

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Sewing lessons! Lesson one- Threading the machine.

Hey y’all! I have decided to put sewing lessons up here. I mean after all what good are tutorials if you can’t sew, right?? So anyways, here’s the first. I hope you have a sewing machine, but if not and you plan to do it by hand, I can do a tutorial. I’ve only sewn one dress by hand, and that was for my one year old sister :) so anyways, here goes. Your machine may be different but its basically the same. I’ve used four different machines and they’re quite similar. You should be able to find more exact directions in your manual. If you still have it :)
Anyways! Here you go. Lesson one-threading the sewing machine, bobbin and filling the bobbin spool :) enjoy. Please comment with questions or anything else :D

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