Confederate memorial

William, Sarah and I went to a confederate memorial on Saturday. I would have taken pictures, but it was raining. Anyways, we did our hairstyles from that time period. I decided to show y’all how to do it. :)

Part your hair in the middle and separate your hair into three sections, one behind each ear and the rest in the back. Make a bun with the hair at the back.


Take one section of hair and twist it and wrap around the bun. Don’t forget to pin it with hairpins or bobby pins! Do the same to the other side.


By the way, do any of y’all know how to make these pictures bigger???
Thanks so much for reading :)


7 thoughts on “Confederate memorial

  1. P.S. I do have a blog myself; I’m not going to give it out here…ask Sarah about the link if you want. :)

    • Oh ok, yeah that does sound like it could be a while. I will most likely do some lessons on here. If you wanted, you could tell me what the patterns were and I’ll look them up and try to help you if I can. Do you know how to sew at all as is I could explain the pattern so you could understand it or do you need to know more first? I think I’ll talk to Sarah about you blog. I’m planning on posting today or tomorrow, so if you can tell me were you want to start learning I’ll start there, or at the beginning. So yeah :D hope I can be of some help to you.
      God bless,

  2. Click on the pictures when the post is in draft format and there should be an option to enlarge the picture by percentages. :)

    I like your blog and the hair tutorial is so simple but elegant! :) — Megan (Sarah probably told you about me before)

    • Oh thank you so much! That should be really helpful :) Yes Sarah has told me about you before. I’ve read some of your letters to her and I saw the picture of you too :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

      • Maybe when I get to meet you all, you can teach me to sew. I want to learn so badly and I think that everyone who wants to dress modestly will have to learn; later there will be no more rare modest clothes to buy.

      • Why yes, that would be quite fun! I could teach you what I could inthat time, and I plan on posting lessons on here at some point. I thought that I understood you were having lessons, or was I misinformed?

      • Well, you see, in the beginning of the school year, I had WANTED to learn to sew. And we had two people in mind, but didn’t want to ask the particular person that definitely did know to sew since she is really, really busy. And then the other person is my friend and we used to go each other’s home for school day once a month and then (when we remembered) she would teach me a little. But now it doesn’t work for us to go there for now; at least for school day and so, just yesterday when she came for prayer meeting, she helped measure me and look at some patterns I got really cheap at 30 cents when I was down south. :) So, slowly, ever so slowly, I hope to learn how to sew. And we hope to get cloth at Walmart sometime in May.

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