Welcome to my blog y’all!

Hi! Thanks for checking this out! I hope you like this blog. Right now I don’t have any tutorials done, which I’m planning on doing often. But for now you can see some of the things I have sewn. Have fun :D


I made this dress about two years ago while I was still learning to sew. I am sooooo glad ma helped me. I know it must have been frustrating at times.


Jimbo in his chic-fil-a overalls. he’s such a cutie :)


Everyone in this picture is wearing clothes I made them except for Jimbo.


This dress is actuall Sarah’s, who is fourteen, but I put it on faith just for fun, she’s 1 <3


thats felicity. She is so cute with those glasses on :)

Anyways, that’s all for now, but as soon as I get some buttons, I’m going to finish the dress I’m working on and be able to give y’all a tutorial. Im still trying to think of the best way to give y’all the pattern. I might just give y’all a tutorial on how I made mine, because I can’t scan anything without a scanner. And if y’all are like me, you hate trying to size all the pieces right and then tape it all together. But the nice thing about this one is, sits all rectangles except for the bodice piece, so yeah. Check back in about a week and a half or so and I might have it up by then. :D


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog y’all!

  1. Dearest Twin,
    I loved this blog post! :) I am following your blog now — and hopefully you will have many followers in the days to come!
    In all her royalty and love,
    Princess Sarah :D

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